Saturday, September 17, 2011

Version 3.8 - Survey the entire Wi-Fi Environment

Big change in AirYarde 3.8 - It now collects information about available Wi-Fi access points (AP), instead of only the currently connected AP.  You do not even need to be connected to an AP to start data collection, but you do need to turn on Wi-Fi.  A much greater amount of data is collected, but you can limit it by setting the new SSID scan filter on the home screen.  AirYarde will gather data about APs that have an SSID containing the filter.  Leave the filter blank to survey all APs.

The database is unchanged in this version, but the home screen displays scanning progress differently.  When AirYarde samples the Wi-Fi surroundings, sample count is incremented by 1.  Data Count is incremented by the # of APs found that match the SSID filter.

Future versions will collect additional information, so you can select the strongest, most secure AP.  Enhanced mapping will help you understand where signals are the best.

Wi-Fi and map data stays on your device of course.  The only thing that is uploaded is anonymous usage data - what screens are used, and how many times data collection starts, which will be discussed in the next blog post.

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