Sunday, August 28, 2011

Version 3.7 - Tips Added and Misc Changes

Tips are now part of using AirYarde.  When most any item on the main and results screen is long-pressed a pop-up will show the user what that item means or what it is for.  When you are done reading the tip just click anywhere on the pop-up to close the tip.  Other screens will have tips added in the weeks to come.  A hep menu item has been added to these screens, these merely tell users to long press to get tips.

In addition, and "RSSI" text has been updated to "dBm", as that is what Android reports anyway.  No change has been made to the way data is collected.  As always, Wi-Fi and GPS data stays on the device.

This version also has a number of behind the scenes changes, refactoring to class names and simplifying code.

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